patti 960

Artist’s statement

I have always been captivated by patterns and structures in nature. I once saw a mural that depicted the microscopic and the cosmic showing their similar structures and I loved it. I will travel far and wide to view rock formations up close, spend hours watching wave patterns in the river or at the coast, and as a gardener observe vein patterns in leaves or rows of vines in a field.

Color is my other love. Having worked for almost 30 years in clay and glazes, I have to see the color in my head because what one sees in the raw liquid glaze is not what one gets in the finished piece. I now work with glass, where what I see is what I get, with the addition of colors melting together to form new yummy treats.


Patti Wessman

Glass artist Patti Wessman spent 30 years working in clay, earning an MFA in ceramics from the University of Oregon. Color is her love and she has spent the last fifteen years working in glass. She casts and fuses recycled glass. Patti has been fortunate in receiving a number of public art commissions over the years and both glasswork and ceramic tile murals are in public spaces. She is part of  “g” Studios in Napa, California.